Choir of Trinity Music Society in 2002

Choir of Trinity Music Society 2002

Back row from left:
Blair Letman, Owen Toller, Antony Clarke, Richard Read, Peter Connell, Brian Simpson, Tim Gwynne-Evans, John Dyson, Gareth Williams, Richard Lee

Third row from left:
James Henderson, Jane Connell, Elizabeth Thompson, Felicity Bradley, Ann Hanford, Marie-Jo Brown, Rachel Lambert, Susan Sloper, Jo Davison, Don Chapman, Brian Marks, Paul Babbage

Second row from left:
Teresa Male, Miriam Morgan, Susan Denbow, Cathy Amos, Nicola Wilson-Smith, Mary Chesterman, Molly Spencer, Elizabeth Simpson, Lilo Bleasdale, Susan Henderson, Aurie Anderson, Sheena Rosser

Front row from left:
Judith Dexter, Val Ackroyd, Rita Edwards, Alison Edwardson, Glyn Martin, Mary Martin, Glenys Chapman, Sally Campbell, Patricia Turnbull, Marie Williams

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