Choir of Trinity Music Society in 1988

Choir of Trinity Music Society 1988

Back row from left:
Gareth Williams, ?, David Bedford, James Dunster, Michael Kellett, Brian Steed, Richard Read, John Sudbury, Hugh Shyvers, John Dyson, Brian Simpson

Third row from left:
James Henderson, Nicola Wilson-Smith, Sheena Rosser, Lilo Bleasdale, Valerie Fleming nee Steed, Brian Marks, Marie Williams, Teresa Male, Patricia Turnbull, Alison Edwardson, Wilfred Andrews

Second row from left:
Paul Babbedge, Mary Martin, Helen Moon, Margaret Sudbury, Felicity Bradley, Susan Smith, Dorothy Keddie, Diane Kitchin, Susan Shyvers, Aurie Anderson, Joan Matthews, Glyn Martin

Front row from left:
Valerie Ackroyd, Susan Sloper, Mary Chesterman, Jane Connell, Elizabeth Simpson, Ernest Lough, Jean Steed, Joan Wood, Mollie Spencer, ?, Marie-Jo Brown

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